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Welsh Government to Cull Badgers April 9, 2008

Posted by Enchanted Gift Shop in Animals, Environment.
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I notice that as always the government doesn’t pay attention to what it’s own people say.

I have a particular interest in this story as I am Welsh — but even so I suppose it’s stupid of me to think my own kindred government would be any different to the English.

I just don’t get some people, if a 10 year study has been completed and proven that a badger cull would not have an effect on controlling TB in cattle, and many animal organisations back this same study, why then do the governments still choose to go ahead with a cull?!

The main story about this can be read here on politics.co.uk

If you also want to read more on the Badger Cull here in the UK — check this link out to … Stop the Cull