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Backpacking around New Zealand March 27, 2008

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Something I’ve not mentioned (not needed to!) on the blog is that a number of years ago my partner and I went travelling to New Zealand for 12 months!

It was without a doubt one of the if not the best times of my life so far, we met so many different people from around the world, learnt about their cultures, and also got to know a number of the local Maori’s as we did fruit picking and pruning for them … let me tell you, that was very hard work … enjoyable once you get into it after a few weeks, but still hard work!

It is truly an amazing country, and because there is a smallish population there is so much unspoilt land for you to explore … especially if you go off the beaten path and find places where hardly anyone has been .. one of our best finds was a beach in the middle of no where – we found it after trekking through forest for a few hours, and it was stunningly beautiful.

Anyway, enough about that, see below for some of the amazing pictures which I hope will put across how amazing New Zealand is — if you get the chance, go visit, you will not be disappointed … but remember to not just do the normal touristy things … do something’s spontaneous, go places no-one else is and you will find your own treasures!

This first picture is little old me picking Kiwi’s … back breaking work, but once you get used to it a great way to earn money to fund further travels!

Christina Kiw Picking

This second picture is of one of the cute little fantail bird, a number of them followed us around whilst we picked Kiwi’s as we were always disturbing the insects, and so they got free meals!

Fantail Bird

This third picture is of my partner thinning Mandarins in the very Northern tip of New Zealand, it’s baking hot, and there isn’t any shade cover, so it is very hard but never the less rewarding work — another way to pay your way whilst travelling!

Mike Thinning Mandarines

This forth photo is of the stunning beach we found after trekking through the forest for a few hours … we thought we were just on a forest/coastal walk and didn’t know there was any beaches accessible along the way … so after a few hours walking in the hot sun and finding this, we were amazed, and relieved – as you can guess we spent a while relaxing on our very own beach … I think from memory there was only 1 set of someone Else’s foot prints on the beach!

Stunning Beach from Forest Trek

This fifth picture was taken by Mike from the top of Mount Maunganui in Tauranga — somewhere we spent a large part of our 12 months in New Zealand as we made some amazing friends at the backpackers we stayed at which was called …. Just the Ducks Nuts Backpackers — we HIGHLY recommend it as the owners were the most welcoming and friendly we met in NZ and amazing knowledge on work, and things to do, plus they made us feel so welcome, we wanted to stay forever!

View from Mount Maunganui

Finally, this last picture I think sums up what going travelling is all about … and that is making new friends … even if you don’t stay in touch for long after you’ve been travelling, it is still worth it for the memories…..

Many Friends at Just the Ducks Nuts Backpackers in Tauranga, NZ

Hope you enjoyed all the pics!


Christina and Mike