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What is your Favourite Essential Oil? April 5, 2008

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We have had a decent turn over of essential oils since we started selling them, but at the moment there isn’t any particular oil that sells more than another, so I got thinking….

What is the most popular essential oil? — and the best way to find out is have a poll of course!

So feel free to vote below by clicking on the essential oil you like the most, then come back to the blog after you have voted and you’ll see the statistics updated!



What is your favourite Essential Oil?


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Earth Hour – Do your little bit for the environment today! March 29, 2008

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So, Earth Hour is today 29th March, between 8pm and 9pm …. and as many people as possible have got to turn their lights off and any other non-essential electrical devices during this hour to raise awareness for the environment …. hmmmm.

Earth Hour Logo

Whilst everyone here at the Enchanted Gift Shop will be taking part in this little experiment as it were, I don’t think that it will do much for the environment, but if it helps raise peoples awareness of what our civilization is doing to the environment then we’re all for it.

Personally, we think nothing less than a complete and total civilization change will help our planet, but until we get there, little things like this can only but help, we hope!

So, do you bit for the environment tonight between 8-9pm, and turn off all non-essential electrical devices, and do your bit for the environment, and you will be joining millions of people worldwide who will be taking part too!



What religion do you follow? March 28, 2008

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One of our customers sent an interesting email the other day – they asked what religion did I follow?

I wasn’t sure if they meant me myself or everyone at the Enchanted Gift Shop, but anyway, I thought I would put an answer up on the blog about what religion I believe in…

The short answer is none. Nope, I don’t follow or believe in any ‘one’ particular religion.

Pagan Wiccan SymbolIslamic SymbolCeltic SymbolChristian Symbol

But what I do believe in is some part of all religions — I’m not an Atheist that’s for sure, I’m also not a Pagan, Celtic, Christian, Muslim or in-fact any other.

I have always been around people who did follow a particular religion, and have always questioned their beliefs and asked them what they were based on etc … and over time I have come to my own beliefs based partially on these answers but mainly on my own experiences.

And for me that is what I believe we must all do throughout life, question what others tell us, experience things for ourselves, and then make our own minds up about things — not just in religion, but in every aspect of our lives.

So, I don’t follow any particular religion, but I do have certain beliefs that I try to stick to them where ever possible, some of which include…

Treating other people as I would want them to treat me:

Hand Shake of Love

Now this is a basic premise of a-lot of religions for sure, and even if your not religious you probably believe this anyway … but for me no matter who or what you are, be it human or animal, in your heart you are an honest, loving being … it’s only the circumstances that you find yourself in, or have put yourself in that turn you other wise.

Every single being on this planet begins life as an honest and loving being … it’s the life that they then lead that changes this or enhances this — but I firmly believe that no matter what circumstances you find yourself in you should always treat everyone exactly how you would like to be treated.

If you enjoy pain and hurt then fine treat everyone like that, but you’ll soon find that you won’t have many people around you to treat this way — but if you enjoy being honest and loving, then you will soon find that you have alot more loving and honest people around you too.

OK, onto another of my beliefs…

Treating your land-base with respect:

Heart World

Now, by land-base I mean environment, the land you live on, the water you drink, the animals you live with, the air you breath … you get the idea.

As a basic premise of anything in our lives, I firmly believe that we should respect the world we live on and in – live sustainably, live ethically, live honestly — how can we expect to have a long and enjoyable life, and family for generations after we have gone if we treat the world we live on with disrespect?

Now we probably all know what I am getting at here — at no other point in our human history (that I am aware of) have we been so disrespectful to the world we live on as we do right now at this point in time.

How can we expect our world to sustain our current way of life, when our entire civilization is built on being the most powerful beings on the planet and letting every other being on the planet and the planet itself know it too!

Sure the planet and the beings on it fight back sometimes, but our civilization continues on a destructive path — for what purpose though? Why do we have to have more of this or that, why do we have to destroy everything we come across, to the point that there is nothing left to destroy and we end up destroying ourselves?

As we should all know or can easily find out in to-days world, there really is no need for our civilization to continue as it is … our civilization needs to end, and end now.

We need to come up with a new way of living, a new way of treating this world and all it’s inhabitants – and there are people out there trying to do this … everyone of them (including me) tries to do it in their own way .. and no one way is right 100%, but as-long as we are respecting the world and it’s inhabitants whilst we are trying to change, then we should be ok.

Anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent here, heh!

Getting back to what I was talking about… my beliefs.

Yin Yang

Basically all my beliefs revolve around my land-base, the world I live in, so anything I do I try to ensure it doesn’t effect negatively on the world around me, for sure there is a percentage of the time that I cannot but do something that harms my world, but the idea is that I am constantly working towards not doing this … maybe I will get there in my life time, maybe I won’t, but the hope is what I do now, others will learn from and continue what I do … as there are many people doing right now – all learning from each other, and trying to create a better world.

So to end with, I don’t believe in any one religion, in-fact I think religion as it is portrayed in today’s world, is just another way of our dominating culture destroying the world, but that post is for another day.

You get what you throw out onto the world thrown back at you twice as hard, so why not throw love and honesty out and see what happens?!


Christina & Mike

Someone has let us out of our straight jackets! January 18, 2008

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Well, here we go, my first attempt at a blog!

The main idea behind the blog is to show you all what goes on behind the scenes at the Enchanted Gift Shop, and to offer advice on the benefits of using the things I sell of course, although I’m not very good at selling, so this blog just become my own personal recommendation area, haha!

I’d like to put down in writing the day-to-day thoughts me and my partner have on life and the general running of the business – we’re not normal people you see, we like to share everything we can … including our strange thoughts!

So, beware you may get offended, hurt or just plain bored reading what we say .. but I can assure you one thing … it’ll be what we truly believe, as we don’t like beating around the bush, we say it as it is, if you don’t like it … go read something else!

Peace, Love and Prosperity!

Christina & Mike