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Whats the Correct Food for a Cat? April 1, 2008

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I’ve noticed a lot of questions on some of the blogs/forums I’ve been on lately about what people have been feeding their cats, and also how many times they have been feeding their cats.

As a cat owner I thought I would put a post together about cat feeding as I have learnt a fair bit over the years of having a pet cat or 3.

There are a lot of articles available for free on the Internet about what cats naturally eat, so I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say that what they do eat naturally and what we think they should eat often have big differences!

Be aware of the big companies wanting to sell you their ‘complete’ cat foods, as it is obviously in these same companies best interests to come across as being an authority on cat food and make the information they offer appear as correct.

Read about what a cat should naturally be eating, and then see what these same companies offer as to what they say a cat should be eating, and then think to yourself if it makes sense.

Natures Menu Cat Food

Think about, if a cat was to kill a bird or mouse, what is in the animal that the cat is eating? — protein and nutrients from the flesh, blood and organs, and small amounts of grains/carbohydrates inside the animals stomach – therefore the cat gets a balanced diet, high in protein and nutrients, but also a small amount of grains/carbohydrates.

Something to be aware of, an average cat (3kg in weight) needs about 400grams of food a day, this is best in a wet form (e.g canned meat) over 2-4 meals, but if you can only feed your cat dry food, then ensure the meat content is as high as possible, and at-least 50% +

If it comes down to money, think about the things you spend your money on … do you watch tv, buy dvds, smoke, drink, drive a car, eat junk food? ….. some of these things could and should be used towards the correct care of the animal you have chosen to look after.

Yarrah Organic Cat Food

If you say that it is a ‘hassle’ to feed your cat a certain way, then perhaps you should reconsider your choice of owning a pet — I don’t want to sound condescending, but there are a lot of people who own pets and don’t seem to take the time or effort to feed them correctly.

Not only is it unfair to the animal, but it can also be classed as neglect.

Do you wonder why a cat gets ill time and again (most likely from these same feeding habits) then you take the cat to a vet who informs you to put the cat on yet another type of food (often incorrect too) and so the circle continues….

The knowledge and information is out there, available freely in most cases, it just takes a little time to find it …. but it’s worth it isn’t it? … to see your beloved pet and family member as healthy as possible?

Finally, you might like to read an article that talks about cat feeding, it’s from a holistic website, so goes along the lines I believe in … Feed your cats as nature intended



Asking the Ether for a Pet March 26, 2008

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I thought it was about time we started sharing a bit more of our personal life on the blog, just so that you can all get an idea of what we’re like in the real world, and not just through the business!

So, to begin with, I thought I’d put a post up about our little cat, Sid is his name, and I’ve included a couple of pictures of him getting up to mischief below….

The first one was taken when we got home one day, normally he would be waiting for us most days when we come home, but this day he wasn’t at the doorstep so we wandered around the house and couldn’t find him, and then decided to go see if he was in the garden, and low and behold he had jumped up onto the washing machine and decided to go to sleep in the clothes basket on-top of some of my clean sheets … little bugger!

The other photo is one my partner took, and quite by accident, as he had just finished washing, and he was in a rush and forgot to turn the tap off (don’t worry I gave him a good telling off for wasting water!) … he was in the bedroom for a few minutes and as he went past the bathroom heard the tap still running and went in to turn it off, and again low and behold there was Sid, in the sink drinking the running water … and there was me thinking he might be cleaning his teeth! :o)

Anyway, enough of that … we’ve always been pet lovers and when still living at home with our families, myself and my partner have always had a dog, cat, rabbit, fish etc, but since I left home and have been with my partner we’ve never had a pet.

The main reason being that we’ve always felt that rather then buy a pet, or go and find one, we’ve been of the opinion that one would find us one day … or if we had been passing an animal sanctuary we would pop in and if one chose us we would keep them …. simply because we believe there are far too many domesticated animals already in this world, and if we wanted one we should give one a new home after being neglected by some careless owner.

But then 5-6 years went by, and we started thinking OK perhaps we’re not supposed to have a pet, but then one sunning day we were sat in the living room looking out over the garden, and my partner said that he had just asked the ‘ether’ that if there was a cat or dog that was in need of a loving home that could the ‘ether’ please send it our way some how.

When I say the ‘ether’ I mean the universe, the energy that is all around us etc.

Anyway, we didn’t think any more of it, and a few weeks went by and we were at home again and I got a call from my sister saying that she was just driving home that evening and saw a cat sat in a ditch on the side of the road, looking rather raggedy and lost.

So she picked it up, and realised that it hadn’t just been injured but looked as though it had recentlys, it wasn’t very healthy, quit skinning in fact, and looked like it didn’t have long to live.

She took it home, and gave it some food and warmth etc, and then the next day took it to the local vets … they checked it out, or what turned out to be a him, and said that there was no tags or chips on the cat and that the injury was it’s back legs had been hit or run over at some point in the past, but at-least months ago, and it looked like the cat had been prowling around for a long time as it was seriously thin …obviously a strong cat as he had survived this long!

So she took it home and put some posters up around her local village to see if any would claim him, but after a couple of weeks no one did, and as the village was a number of miles from the next one, she thought nothing of keeping him after this time.

But then a few weeks later after he had started to get his health back, she realised she couldn’t look after him, and so asked if we wanted him … to which we obviously said yes, and we have never looked back since.

Every now and again we talk about how much of a coincidence it was that this happened, or perhaps fate had something to do with it … after my partner had asked the ‘ether’ for a pet to care for.

Anyhow, little old Sid (we don’t actually know how old he is, but the vet seemed to think he was close to being 7-8 a few years back) has been with us a fair while now, and he has settled in to his new home quite well .. although I think all our loving care, feeding of healthy food and a warm bed has had something to do with it!

Until next time…