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Traditional Hand Made Scottish Dirk February 19, 2008

Posted by Enchanted Gift Shop in Athames, Dirks.
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We were contacted a while back by a lovely chap called Matt from Caulfield Leather. Matt makes Traditional Hand Made Leather-craft items, some of which include real Stag Antler athames, or Dirks as they are more commonly known up in Scotland!

He asked if we would like to retail some of his products on the website, and of course we snapped his virtual hand off, and jumped at the chance to offer something more traditional.

The hardest thing in selling athames is trying to find the more traditional handmade types, as they are created by people who generally only sell them locally — the quality is unsurpassed in my eyes, and I can honestly say that they are in-fact of better quality than most athames on the market today, simply because the craftsman/woman takes more time and care with the creation of them.

Anyway, enough babbling, go take a look at some of Matt’s creations using the link below, and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the understated beauty and the high quality craftsmanship.

Traditional Hand-Made Stag Antler Scottish Dirk and Athame

See you next time…