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Sativa Bags March 27, 2008

Posted by Enchanted Gift Shop in Alternative Products, Hemp, Recommendations.
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Recommendation time again….

A company that we can highly recommend is Sativa Bags and incase you don’t know what they make from the company name … it’s hemp products!

And we cannot recommend hemp products enough … both myself and my partner use alot of hemp products ourselves, from toiletries to clothes … infact my partner has got some boxer shorts made from hemp!

Hemp is incase you didn’t know, is one of the oldest materials used, and has a vast amount of uses from clothes to food stuffs all the way to fuel for machinery.

And incase you also didn’t know, hemp was widely used all around the world not so long ago, wartime ship sails were made from it, and even Henry Ford constructed a car made from hemp and it was run on hemp fuel too …. but I’ll let you research yourself into all that, as there is so much information available as to the uses of hemp.

Anyway, feel free to go and take a look at their website Sativa Bags … but also feel free to delve deeper into the world of hemp, I think you will be astonished as to the amount of products that can be and are made from hemp.