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The Coming Apocalypse and Life’s Cycles April 7, 2008

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There hasn’t been a-lot to write about from the business side of things lately, we’ve been ticking over nicely, but without any serious growth, which suits us just fine!

Someone asked me an interesting question yesterday “Why don’t you want to grow the business”? — and it made me think about life’s cycles and the apocalypse that our civilization is bringing upon ourselves, if only because we always want to grow, and consume more.

My first response was a bit like a parry back to what they had just said, in that I felt like I had to defend my reason for not wanting to grow the business, to constantly consume more and more.

I tried to keep calm and collected and offer a good well thought out response – what came out may not have been calm and collected as I ended up ranting about our civilizations constant need to grow and consume, but I think I got my point across in the end!

What I tried to say was that I didn’t think that a business had to constantly grow, to constantly consume and to be classed as successful, I mean, in the end what is success?

At the end of the day when we started out with the business, we wanted it to provide enough of an income for us to be able to work from home — we are nowhere near that yet, but it will come, one day. If that day doesn’t arrive then I’ll know that this business wasn’t for me, that it wasn’t supposed to provide me with a full time income — maybe because I don’t really need one perhaps?

If I had some land to live off of and could build myself a house etc, then I’m pretty sure I could be self-sufficient and not need a full-time income, but it would be nice to still have the business, and provide the products we do to people who wanted them, knowing that we could run the business at a small level and still provide ourselves with an income whilst helping others out with things they wanted.

I suppose that’s one of the things that is wrong with our civilization – that we always want things, which I don’t think is wrong in itself, but because there are so many of us on this planet now, it has devastating effects on the planet when a large number of us want things, especially considering that most things we want are unsustainable!

But the main problem I see is that of over population, no matter what things we want, it could be sustainable if there wasn’t as many people on the planet as there is now. I firmly believe that even if every single person on the planet was to live sustainably there wouldn’t be enough room for everyone to do so.

The earth can only carry everyone it does right now because we are all living so un-sustainably – and even then it is now severely stretched to the limit and is showing signs of cracking.

And a part of this problem is that unlike most animals and plants, we humans survive beyond a certain environments carrying capacity. Whereas an animal or plant will normally only survive in a particular environment if it only eats and uses what it needs to survive and no more – we continue to consume more than is neccessary.

If an animal or plant population get beyond what the land can carry, then normally they die off naturally, lack of food, lack of space to live so they compete with each other, and so die off another way.

But us humans have found numerous ways to overcome the lands capacity to only carry a certain population level, and because we cannot see the damage we are doing until it is too late, we continue on with the growth – in fact, even when we can see the damage we are doing we still continue on the growth and take parts of other lands to enable us to continue living on the same way.

But what we all seem to miss is the cycles that the life around us leads – and we must be pretty blind to miss it.

We know when it is Spring, Summer or Winter don’t we? … we know when it is Night or Day don’t we? … and we therefore should know that these continuous events of seasons and days/nights go in cycles … for some time it’s light then dark, then light then dark again, which is a cycle. Then some months it is cold, then warm, then wet, then cold, then warm again, yet another cycle.

So perhaps then we can look at ourselves, and the life we are all leading and say “are we living a cycle” ?

Is the destruction that we have brought upon the earth, just leading up to a massive point where the planet we live on has enough and through earthquakes, tsunamis, weather fronts etc slowly reduces our population, or kills it off completely and starts off the cycle of life on earth again?

Maybe if there are any humans around for the next cycle of life on this planet, we will have learned somehow that our previous attempts at living we’re not sustainable, and actually sped up the planets own natural cycles, but then what if they actually were sustainable, but yet it didn’t matter and the earth continued its own cycle, and kills all life on the planet off again?

Anyway, enough of that, I want to say that I do firmly believe that their is a cycle our planet is going through right now, where I think a massive chunk of our population will die off/be killed off (Apocalypse??) and whether it is from the earth’s very own natural life cycle or it’s from our own doing, I don’t think it really matters.

But it’s coming and it’s too hard to ignore … what I think we all have to think about is how we want to live our lives during this time, and if we do survive through it, what kind of lives will we be able to lead afterwards, and most importantly, what skills will we need? … but that’s for another post!

Until next time…