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Alternative Pendants January 19, 2008

Posted by Enchanted Gift Shop in Pendants.
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One of the first products that I wanted to add to the website were pendants.

I had always gone into jewellery shops looking for unique and alternative pendants, or necklaces as most people call them, and found a few that I really liked but not that many — something that I did always find though were nice chains for the pendants to hang on …. but that kind of defeated the object really, I wanted a pendant for a focal point around my neck and I wasn’t too bothered what it hung on to be honest!

Anyway, as I said the first thing I wanted to offer for sale was pendants, and unique/alternative ones at that too, so I spent quite a few weeks to begin with searching magazines, websites and various publications, looking for small or unknown manufacturers of pendants … I found them, but it took alot of searching!

I suppose it was fate or ‘sods law’ as some say, but once I found 1 manufacturer, I found another, and another.

Then came the bit that I love my partner for, his patience! — he is the one who spends hours online, putting my products on the website for me, and making sure the pictures look right etc, so you can imagine what he said when I told him I that I had found several hundred items I wanted him to list for me, haha!

Anyway, it took us a couple of weeks to get all these new pendants listed, putting together descriptions etc, but we did it, and I wanted to keep adding more, and more, so I’ve been searching ever since — my aim is to have ‘the’ largest collection of pendants online, which is a big goal I know, but I know that there are lots of alternative, beautiful pendants out there, and I want ‘you’ to be able to find them in one place, rather than having to spend days and weeks like me looking for them all!!

I’m not going to put just any old pendant on, I want to have an almost eclectic range if it were, something different than the norm!

Anyway, there’s a link below to the section on the website for the pendants, feel free to go and have a look for yourself, I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised at what we have to offer you, and of course feel free to come back here and tell me what you think of them!

Alternative Pendants

See you next time…