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What is your Favourite Essential Oil? April 5, 2008

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We have had a decent turn over of essential oils since we started selling them, but at the moment there isn’t any particular oil that sells more than another, so I got thinking….

What is the most popular essential oil? — and the best way to find out is have a poll of course!

So feel free to vote below by clicking on the essential oil you like the most, then come back to the blog after you have voted and you’ll see the statistics updated!



What is your favourite Essential Oil?


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Lavender Essential Oil Foot Bath Recipe March 6, 2008

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So, here we go, with the first instalment of my essential oil recipes….

Lavender is by far one of the (if not the) most popular essential oils available. And I like to use it for a number of different ailments and purposes, some of which include, muscle relaxants (strains and aches) general relaxant (putting a few drops on a pillow to aid sleep) and also a room freshener (pop some into an oil burning).

But one of my regular uses for Lavender is for a foot bath — there’s nothing better than coming home after a hard days work (or a long days shopping!) and putting your feet into a warm bowl of Lavender water.

Not only does it relax and sooth you and your feet, but it also has excellent skin rejuvenating properties too — you can use it as a bath soak as-well (just use slightly more Lavender!)

Before you get started, please read this whole article and the disclaimer at the bottom, for your protection and mine!

The recipe:

A bowl suitable in size for your feet!

Some warm water – the hotter you can stand the better as hot water opens your skin pores and they will absorb the Lavender quicker — just be careful not to scald yourself!

10-15 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

That’s it — nothing more!


Add the Lavender to the water and give it a good stir (this avoids it settling on the top of the water and also any possible irritation that could occur from it)

Using it:

This bit is really complicated …. find yourself a comfy seat, put those aching feet into the lovely relaxing warm water, sit back and relax … aaahhhh, that was a difficult thing to do, huh! :o)

Ideally you only want to soak your feet for 15-20 minutes … unless you like your feet to look like prunes of course!

Also, if you don’t have any Lavender Oil but you do have a Lavender plant, then take a few sprigs of the plant (leaves, flowers and twigs!) steep these in hot water for 15-20 minutes, then pour the hot water in your bowl (with or without the sprigs, your choice!) add enough cold water so that it doesn’t scald you before adding your feet, and enjoy!

One final tip:

If you’ve got a small blister on your feet, then add 5-10 drops of Aloe Vera (which we don’t sell yet unfortunately!) as Aloe Vera is very good for healing the skin along with Lavender too!


Test the oil on a small patch of skin before use to check if you have a reaction, just dab a tiny amount (1 drop) onto the back of your hand say, then wait for 10 minutes, if you do have a reaction discontinue use, and unfortunately Lavender isn’t for you, but don’t fret you can still use the oil around the house as a freshner etc, just not on the skin.

As always, I only offer this information as a guide, if you are unsure of anything in this article, or you suffer from a serious ailment please seek the advice of a professional before acting on anything written, I will accept no liability in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction occurring when using any of the products mentioned.



Essential Oil Recipes March 2, 2008

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Something that I have always wanted to do is use essential oils more, and coincidentally or not, since running the Enchanted Gift Shop, I have started to use alot more essential oils … we weren’t actually selling any when I started using them more, it was around the same time as we started the shop – summer (July) 2007 I think it was … and this naturally led onto us selling them (aswell as some requests from you!)

Over the last few months I have come up with a number of recipes that I now use regularly, most of them are combinations of other recipes that I have tweaked to my own likening, and a few are something that I have created myself after using a different product and thinking that I could substitute it for an essential oil instead.

Anyway, I’m going to post whenever I can some essential oil recipes that I use, so that you can try them for yourselves — there’s one thing I hate most, and thats wanting to use a more natural, alternative product, but just not knowing what or where to get it.

Of course I will be recommending the use of the essential oils we sell, I’d be silly not to! …. but keep your eyes peeled as I might just throw in a special readers blog offer every now and then!

Right, I’m off to try and put some of the recipes I use into a readable format for you all, so bookmark the blog and check back again soon!

Speak to you soon…


Pure Essential Oils February 22, 2008

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As you so request, as we shall do’eth … or something like that anyway, lol!

We’ve had a number of request since the turn of the year from various customers asking if we were going to start selling Essential Oils …. well, we are as of right now!

We’ve mananged to source from a reputable UK supplier, a range of Pure Essential Oils — which has ended a long few weeks, as being honest as always, it has been hard to track down a high quality UK based supplier, well atleast one who doesn’t ask for a million pound minimum order … it makes you wonder sometimes how the big companies of this world expect the smaller ones to get off the ground when they put in large minimum order quantities that most smaller companies cannot afford.

We are a small company, and I’ll be the first to admit it, and I’m aware that the bigger companies have to protect themselves from every tom, dick and harriette placing small orders with them, but some of the minimum order quantities are off the charts …. but anyway, like I said, we’ve taken the time to find this company and we are now proud to present the Enchanted Gift Shop Pure Essential Oil section … now thats a mouthful, huh!

If you would like to take a peek at what we now offer in this section, please click on the link below…

Pure Essential Oils