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Mooncup Menstrual Cup March 15, 2008

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As part of our new look website, and new skin care range, we have been looking at a new line of products.

All of these new products are either organic, fair-trade or natural, as this is the way forward we believe — and something that we feel is important is of course skin care, as-well as toiletries.

As a female I am fully aware of the effect chemicals and un-natural products can have on me and my body, and none more so than when it comes to my menstrual cycle.

This may not be a subject some of you want to read or talk about, but it is a major part of most women’s lives, and for me personally it is something that I feel strongly about.

For the last few years I have tried to source natural and alternative sanitary-ware as I felt deep-down that for some reason, the normal products I was buying from the shops just weren’t right somehow.

Perhaps this was a knock on effect from me eating more healthy and wholesome foods, perhaps not, but either way, it made sense to look for alternatives to the normal tampons and towels.

It didn’t take me long to find tampons and towels made using organic cotton, or natural materials, but for some reason this still didn’t feel right … not only was I still adding to all the waste that gets thrown in our bins everyday, and consuming new materials, but it also didn’t feel right using a tampon and towel every month.

Anyway, some more researching and I stumbled across a product called the Mooncup …. yeah I know … the what!?! … I’ll say it again, the Mooncup.

It’s a reusable menstrual cup, made from soft silicone rubber, that collects the fluid, rather than like a tampon absorbing the fluid as-well as any healthy vaginal fluids that my body actually needs.

I won’t go into a sales pitch as our website does it for me! ;o) … but I will say that it has completely changed the way I live my life during my menstrual cycles. I no longer have to carry around small bags of tampons and towels, nor do I have to worry about embarrassing leakages!

As-well as the obvious of not consuming any unnecessary materials and not throwing anything away every month, it has saved me plenty of money too seeing as it is completely reusable and has lasted me at-least 2 years already with no sign of wear and tear!

So, there you go, a product pitch and a personal recommendation thrown into one … what more could you want? … ah yes, the link to the product … that’s below!

Mooncup Menstrul Cup