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A Silent Tsunami Sweeps the World April 29, 2008

Posted by Enchanted Gift Shop in Environment.
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Unless you’ve been hidden under a stone for the last few weeks, you’ll probably have heard of the food price problems worldwide, and most recently of the ever rising price of oil.

The head of the UN World Food Programme made the statement A silent tsunami which knows no borders is sweeping the world” when she was asked about the global food shortages.

Interesting statement, but not one I believe is related to the food price rises or oil price rises. Nor infact do I believe anything that the UN or anyone else in power says about the food and oil crisis, I firmly believe it’s all a manufactured con result of over consumption. Sure we probably are running close to the end of oil, but they’ve known about it for long enough, so why haven’t they done something about it??

It is simple after all, come up with an alternative form of energy … theres plenty of options out there…

So why haven’t they come up with something else? … greed and control thats why …. I’m not going to go into details as this blog isn’t really the place for it.

Also, thinking about population levels around the world, again unless you’ve been under a stone, you will probably have read at some point that the worlds population levels are unsustainably high …. so what are the people in power doing about it?

Hmmmmm …. let me see …. manufacturing ever rising food prices, rising oil prices due to it running out various different problems, increasing levels of diseases in poorer countries resulting in more deaths.

Those people in poorer countries are the least able to retaliate against the people in power …. hmmmm, I wonder why there’s never anything as bad that happens in the poorer countries happening over here in the more developed countries …. oh right, it’s not because we’re more educated about whats going on, more capable of retaliating, got access to more weapons …. it’s to do with because we’ve got better facilities … riiight, thats it…

Ahwell, if someone’s gotta die to decrease the worlds population so we can all become more sustainable … why not those people in far off countries … right?!

A Silent Tsunami Sweeps the World ….. indeed it does, but it’s not what we’re being told it is.



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