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Organic Skin Care Products March 11, 2008

Posted by Enchanted Gift Shop in Organic Skin Care.
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One of our customers mentioned a few weeks back that it would make sense that as we are now selling essential oils, that we should start selling Skin Care products too. At first we thought it a bit strange really, at no point in the past had we thought about moving down this line, but then the more we really though about it, the more it made sense.

Anyone who shops with us must use some kind of skin care product, regardless whether you are male or female, and it makes strange sense that if your buying a pendant or a spell book from us, you might want to buy some skin care items too!?

So, we’ve spent the last couple of weeks researching into this, and have decided to launch along with the website redesign, the Enchanted Gift Shop Organic Skin Care & Toiletries section … tada! … bet you liked that category name, huh!? :o)

We could of course just bung any old products in there, moisturisers from joe bloggs company, face creams from jane bloggs company etc, however, we want to start moving down the line of everything we sell being environmentally friendly, organic, fairtrade etc … and it made sense to start with one of the most important things, that being the products you put on your skin.

We’re big advocates ourselves of using organic and fairtrade products, so why we didn’t think of it sooner my cat only knows! … but we have begun adding some carefully selected lines, and we hope that you will enjoy them.

I know one thing, all of the skin care products we will be adding will have the purest most naturalist ingredients possible … why? because we use them ourselves, and if we won’t put nasty chemicals onto our skin we wouldn’t expect you to either!

If you were to visit my bathroom you would see all of the skin care products we are now selling via the Enchanted Gift Shop and these currently range from Raw Gaia Living Skin Care products to Yaoh Organic and Vegan Hemp products … which are both delightfully sumptuous ranges of skin care and toiletries, and make you feel like a god/goddess after applying them … if I must recommend a product, go for the Raw Gaia Living Hemp Moisturiser it has a lovely feel on the face and the smell …. mmm mmmm! :o)

Anyway, enough babbling about the smells … if you visit the direct link below to our new skin care range, you can see for yourself what we currently offer — and stayed tuned because we are working hard by researching into new ranges to bring you.

Organic Skin Care & Toiletries




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