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Dried Herbs February 28, 2008

Posted by Enchanted Gift Shop in Dried Herbs, Organic Herbs.
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Although we haven’t had many requests from you peepz out there, we have decided to change supplier for our dried herbs and start using the same supplier that we get the Pure Essential Oil range from.

So from this day on we are now selling some Organic & Wildcrafted Dried Herbs from a UK company!

As some of you already know, we have been selling dried herbs for sometime now, but they were imported from the US as we were unable to find a UK supplier. However, after putting together all the work on the essential oils, we thought it would make sense to use the same supplier to obtain our dried herbs from — so we have worked hard over the last week or so, swapping over all the imported herbs for UK herbs, which then obviously goes with our motto of trying to source all our products from within the UK, made by UK companies.

Don’t worry if you are a regular buyer of the same dried herb from us, we have made sure to try and replace like for like, but if something is missing that you used to buy from us, please let us know straight away and we will do our best to source it from our new UK supplier!

So, without further ado … if you feel like taking a peek at these new Organic & Wildcrafted Dried Herbs, please click on the link below!

Organic & Wildcrafted Dried Herbs




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