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Lifes little challenges February 17, 2008

Posted by Enchanted Gift Shop in The Business.

If there’s something I know I have learnt throughout my short life so far, it is that it usually sends challenges across your path when you least expect them.

At the moment I am facing what may appear to alot of people a massive challenge, but for me it’s just another hurdle to overcome and learn from.

What is it? …. well, I can’t say right now, but anyone who knows me will know what it is, and anyone who doesn’t know me will just have to wait a while, haha!

It won’t effect the business at all. And when I say effect the business, I mean in that it will still be going during and at the end of this challenging time, but I just can’t devote as much time to improving it as I had wanted to.

Thankfully I have a thoughtful and caring partner who is helping me out during this time, and we are working together to keep the business going as normal … infact the hope is that people will see some good changes we have made to the website recently … after reading all the books and websites I have over the last few weeks!

I went for walk along the beach this morning, it was freezing, ice was all over the sand and little pools of water on the beach were frozen solid, it looked beautiful …. it was the perfect way of relaxing and getting to grips with everything that is happen right now … and it certainly helps in keeping my motivation levels up thats for sure, and keeping positive is always the best way to look at any problems, that way they get solved quicker!

Anyway, that’s enough of that … that was nice a vague, huh! :o)

Until next time…



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