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Trends in Gift Buying? February 4, 2008

Posted by Enchanted Gift Shop in The Business.

Although we’ve only been in business a short while, we have started to notice small trends in the types of products that get viewed and purchased on our website.

There are the obvious trends like when it is Easter or Christmas etc, but I’ve noticed little increases in certain products being searched for on our website that relate to a movie or book being released, espiecially when it is to do with something mystical or magical.

Obviously Christmas has just been and gone, and we had a massive increase in business during this period, so much so that I wish we had planned for it better.

Not so much in that we weren’t ready for it, but in that we didn’t get round to doing as much advertising as I would have liked, nor did we manage to get certain products onto the website either — and some of these products I am still trying to get hold of as the sellers are proving hard to get hold of ….. it makes you wonder why some people create something to sell and then don’t actively sell it!!

We were pleasantly surprised with the build up to Christmas, as we had expected an increase in business, but not as much business as we actually received — it was all good of course, and give’s us a positive belief that we can do alot better next year, once we have more experience behind us, and more time and money for advertising and product gathering etc.

Anyway, where was I…

We will be researching into the minor holidays soon and closely monitoring what products and keywords get searched for on our site, and through the search engines to get to our site too ….. not to use this year obviously but ready for next year …. we’ve got to plan for the long term you see!

Funnily enough someone said to me last week, how come I hadn’t done something considering I had been in business for 7 months, and I thought they were right at first, but then I remembered that I wanted to be different to most other people who start a business in that I wanted to do it slowly — which should allow me to learn more as I go along … and not rush into something and make a big mistake and end up going bust …. well, thats the plan anyway!

Until next time…



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