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Spell Books and Book of Shadows January 23, 2008

Posted by Enchanted Gift Shop in Book of Shadows, Spell Books.

As some of you may have noticed we have a small range of Spell Books and Book of Shadows at the Enchanted Gift Shop and whilst we do only have a small range at the moment, we are hoping to add more to them shortly. We’re currently talking between ourselves as to a few others we can add, so if you can’t find something you like right now, check back again soon as I’m sure we’ll have more!

Don’t know what a Spell Book or a Book of Shadows is? …. not seen the Harry Potter movies or the Charmed series? … let me explain a little then….

A real Spell Book or Book of Shadows is not something like in the movies I believe anyway … you know the type, they have magickal and mysterious writings in them – open the book and magick dust sparkles out and strange and mythical creatures come jumping out at you (well I hope not anyway!) … but they are more for the practising Pagan, Wiccan or just someone who wants to write down herb recipes or an aromatherapy recipe that you have created yourself, or that you have found in book somewhere that you want to keep for future reference.

Even then, you don’t have to stick to botanical things, you can write anything you want in them, they can even be a personal journal for you, something a bit more substantial than a standard book, something that stands out and makes you want to write it in — thats what a good Spell Book or Book of Shadow should do.

The best thing about Spell Books and Book of Shadows is that because they are substantial, if looked after they can be handed down to the next generation — so if you find that you have spent many years writing weird and wonderful things in yours, why not hand it to one of your children or grandchildren so that they can learn from what you have learnt, that way the Spell Book or Book of Shadows will really come into their own … imagine 50 years down the line and one of your children bringing you the book you passed onto them, what memories that would be!

So remember, Spell Books and Book of Shadows are not just for practising witches and warlocks, they are for everyone and anyone!

Click on the link below to be taken to our small range that we currently offer.

Spell Books and Book of Shadows

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