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What kind of products should we sell? January 20, 2008

Posted by Enchanted Gift Shop in The Business.

When we first started putting the website together, I kept wondering to myself “How many products should I sell?” … so I went onto a number of business and start up forums, to see if I could find some answers … strangely though rather than find some answers as to how many products I should sell, I found a number of posts from people asking what kind of products they should sell!

This made me wonder … “Why are people going into business if they don’t know what they want to sell?”

Surely you can’t start a business and not know what it is you want to sell? … well I hope not atleast anyway!

It’s got to be a recipe for failure if you start a business before you even know what it is you want to sell … infact I don’t even know how you could start a business if you don’t know what it is you want to sell, sheesh … no wonder so many business fail!

Anyway, where was I … ah yes, I originally wondered how many products I should sell because I wasn’t sure if having thousands and thousands of products was right, or more to the point feasible, plus I didn’t want to have a very small amount of products, that people could browse through them in a matter of minutes!

I did some research and realised that there was a vast range of products I could offer in the field that I want to sell, and that were alternative and unique too, and when I really thought about how many products there was, I started to get really excited, a bit like a child on there birthday!

Not only is there alot of ‘Enchanting’ products in the world, there are also many spiritual and religious beliefs too, and the amount of products that go with them is simply vast!

I also wondered to myself if I should stick to a certain religion or belief, but then I thought about how many people there are in this country, let alone the world … and then I thought why not offer something for everyone?! .. that way I could list lots and lots of products and I should be able to offer atleast one thing someone liked, lol!

Going on to the type of product I sell … it did take me a while again to think about what I wanted to sell.

I knew straight away of course that pendants would be a biggy, simply because I like them so much, and already knew of a few businesses that sold them, but then I started thinking of other things I could sell, and one by one I came across different businesses offering the kind of products that I wanted to sell too.

I’ll be honest and say that to begin with there wasn’t too much exact thought into what I sold, things just seemed to keep crossing my path — when I was looking for a particular product another one popped up and I researched into it and realised I could sell it too, then another and another, and things just lead themselves along really.

Now though it take some concerted effort to find more products that I can sell, but more to the point unique and special products at that.

I know of plenty of products I could sell, but there alot of other people selling them, and although I do sell what others do to, I do try to offer something different, but it’s getting harder and harder in today’s world.

Anyhoo, that’s enough of that for now, just one thing before I go …. if you are going into business, don’t rush into it, and offer what everyone else is, then wonder why 6 months down the road your not making a go of it …. sit back and think of different things you can do, research them, and then research some more … in the end you’ll come up with something you can sell …. and most important of all, don’t forget that hobby of yours …. you do have one don’t you??

See you next time…



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